About this website

A LOT OF PEOPLE think that there are only a few swimming-strokes exist like the frontcrawl, backcrawl, breaststroke and maybe the butterfly stroke (or dolphin stroke) sounds familiar too. These swimming-strokes are used in swimming-competitions and that is where you probably know them from. But perhaps you know these swimming-strokes also from your local swimming-pool where you or your child get their swimming-lessons. Nevertheless there are much more swimming-strokes than one might think!!

To let more people know about the discussed swimming-strokes (there are 150 now!) we made this website. The last two centuries there are about 150 swimming-strokes developed by numerous people. It would be a waste if all these swimming-strokes are forgotten. The English man John Trudgeon for example [1873] has developed a whole bunch of swimming-strokes. Some of these swimming-strokes are :

Some other people who developed their own swimming-strokes or in any case descripted it for the first time are M. Boon (familiar of the swimming-strokes of Boon), P. Blache, F.E. Dalton, G. Hébert en many more. On this website we discuss even some Japanese swimming-strokes!

The swimming group
The swimming group exists out of 15 women and men from 13 to 77 years old who are swimming for many years now. Some swimmers came about 25 years ago when they were just a child and still swimming today in our swimming-bath in Hoorn (Netherlands). These enthusiastics practice all kind of swimming-strokes every saturday. You may call, swimming all kinds of different swimming-strokes like we do, very unique because these styles of swimming are rarely practiced. With this website we hope you get enthusiastic as we do. We dedicate this website to Dick Schermer, our swimming-instructor. We are honored to take part of his passion for swimming.

The webmaster
He is the administrator of this website and takes part of the swimming group. He began swimming when he was five years old and is still swimming today for more than 25 years.

Finally we wish you a lot of fun on this website and we hope you find this website instructive enough to try some out. We are also interested in your thoughts about this website. We would appreciate if you leave us a message in our guestbook